Plumbing repairs – toilet won’t flush

by pecouk

Plumbing Repairs – Toilet Cisterns


Your Toilet Won’t Flush

Today your Wolverhampton plumber is going to show you how to repair a toilet that isn’t flushing.

Two Reasons for a Toilet Not Flushing

There are usually just two reasons for a toilet not flushing when it is fitted with a syphon flush valve and these are if the handle has become detached from the syphon link or the most likely cause a syphon diaphragm that is worn. On the video we are going to look at changing a worn diaphragm.

Three Problems with Repairing a None Flushing Toilet

There are only three possible problems with this job and these are, one the screws securing the cistern to the wall are rusted because brass screws have not been used. Having said that I have had brass screws that have snapped off and have had to get a pair of grips to get the screws out.

The second problem is where the nuts securing the cistern to the pan are rusted and will not turn. When this happens you have cut the through the bolts with an hacksaw blade.

And the third problem is where the plumber who fitted the toilet didn’t bother to screw it to the wall and used silicone to “glue” it to the wall. Now if he used a couple of blobs at the top of the cistern you’re OK you can get a thin blade and cut through the silicone but if he got the siicone gun and put loads of silicone over the back then you have problems. I had one where this had been done and I had to use a 12 inch hacksaw blade and cut the silicone from the top, sides and bottom. It took me ages. You might be tempted to just pull the cistern off of the wall but be warned, you will probable pull the tiles off the wall before you break the silicone seal between the cistern and the tiles.

Now the cost of a new diaphragm is only about 12p but taking the cistern off the toilet pan is a lot of work just to replace the diaphragm so to avoid this in the future you could fit a syphon flush valve that you can take apart without dismantling the toilet these cost around £9 or you could fit a Fluidmaster toilet flush valve conversion kit for around £16. Pictures of both are below.


Toilet repairs

With this design of syphon you can undo the blue nut to lift out the part of the valve that contains the diaphragm allowing you to change it without having to take the cistern off.




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